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According to Google Trends, Chris Brown Arrested comes in the 13th spot for most searched keywords in the past day. 

So naturally, the average person would go fishing for the Mug Shot that would accompany the arrest report, right?  Today after doing numerous searches and almost downloading tons of malware on my computer, I found out that Chris Brown’s mug shot may not surface at all.  Not because he’s special, but because he was arrested in the city limits of Los Angeles.

I’m not sure when this law was passed, but for some reason Los Angeles does not release mug shots to the public (or investigators) unless the photo will help the criminal investigation or the public is in danger.

Of course stars who are arrested in cities like Santa Monica and other Los Angeles County cities may not be as fortunate (Ask Paris Hilton) but for the most part, if you love to take part in illegal activities, Do Your Dirt in the City of LA! I can’t guaranteed you won’t get arrested but atleast there will be no embarrassing mug shots floating the net.


Necole Bitchie

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