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Have y’all ever seen a Star Cry?  I’ve survived some shit, but still cry for my Father being gone, destroying our beautiful home, Mommy did it ALONE.

Judy Marchand, Strong Black woman, educated, good-looking, is the reason I AM….They say Daddy’s a little girl’s FIRST love.  But the pain of Daddy gone so long had me fallin’ for THUGS.  See once he tells his Angel she’s the prettiest lil’ girl in the world, can’t no fckin’ body tell her different!  And as she embraces her maturation, and embarks on her journey into a woman, NO guy could make her feel worthless.  Or shatter the glass Halo Daddy so lovingly carved around her HEART, but that’s when the abuse starts.  A Black Girl Lost, so pristine and so precious, with her heart torn apart, boyfriend beating her senseless.  Once Daddy disappears and his lil’ girl’s in tears, any dude that says “you’re pretty,” sounds like music to her ears.  I swear.

-Foxy Brown
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