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I love to twitter. If you follow me you know this already. I love my fans who keep up with my frequent tweets and we all have a lot of laughs over at that site. I don’t use it for promoting my beliefs or getting all serious about issues ..that’s what I’m gonna use Global Grind for. 

Here I can be a bit more serious and say that there are many causes that are close to my heart. It may seem shocking (it certainly shocks the hell out of me) but I have offered myself as a spokesperson for a few causes that I care about and actually have been turned away! As if the fact that I’m a sex symbol in some way makes my involvement less vital than another celebrity.

However, the narrow-mindedness of a few charities will never stop me from being a crusader. As you know I’m super excited to be at Pride because you know how I feel about Prop 8. You also know how much I love my dog..and all animals. The thought of anyone hurting a defenseless animal makes me want to cry.

That’s why I’ve come to Global Grind today to show you the video below and beg you to make conscious, compassionate choices when you are out shopping. If you love the look of fur just fake it..its less expensive and you can wear your new outfit without guilt. I had no idea of the way animals are raised or killed for their skin until I saw videos like this one.

I don’t know who those people are that have it in their hearts to skin an animal while it is still alive but I hope that by promoting fur alternatives I’m doing my part to stop that needless suffering. You will never see me wearing a fur and if you do, rest assured its FAKE. If you love animals you  cannot justify wearing them. Its that simple. Remember, hot girls fake it…for the animals. I should know, cause I’m hot. Lol.


Pledge to go fur-free at PETA.org.

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