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iran twitterer The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Protest Twitterers

Why we like this: Because the Revolution will be digitized by young, passionate Iranians— whether the Iranian authorities like it or not
Marjan Safinia [ PDF ]

Gist: Twitterer Marjan Safinia posted a link to these tips, originally captured from http://reinikainen.co.uk/, a site that has since been suspended. In brief:

1. Do not publicize proxy IPs over Twitter.
The ?only ?two ?legitimate? hashtags? being? used? by ?bloggers ?in ?Iran ?are? #iranelection ?and? #gr88.
Keep? your ?bullshit ?filter ?up!?? Security ?forces? are? now ?setting ?up? Twitter? accounts ?to? spread? disinformation? by ?posing? as ?Iranian ?protesters.?? Please ?don’t? retweet ?impetuously; ?try ?to ?confirm ?information? with? reliable? sources? before? retweeting.
Help? cover? Iranian ?bloggers. Change ?your ?Twitter? settings ?so ?that? your ?location ?is? TEHRAN ?and ?your ?time ?zone ?is ?GMT?+3.30. ??Security ?forces ?are ?hunting ?for? bloggers ?using ?location ?and ?timezone ?searches.? ?If ?we ?all ?become? ‘Iranians,’ ?it? becomes impossible to find them.
Don’t blow their cover. If you discover a genuine source, please don’t publicize their name or their location.
If you don’t know what you’re doing, stay out of this game.
Do ?spread ?the ?(legitimate) ?word. It ?works!? ?When ?the ?bloggers ?asked? for? Twitter ?maintenance ?to ?be ?postponed ?using ?the ?#nomaintenance?tag, ?it ?had ?the desired ?effect. ?As ?long? as? we? spread ?good ?information, ?provide ?moral ?support ?to the? protesters,? and ?take? our ?lead ?from legitimate bloggers, we can make a constructive? contribution.

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