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<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Former Heavyweight boxing champion has been in the news much lately, but not for knocking out his opponent. Holyfield has been the topic of much discussion over his inability to pay child support and the fact that his $10 million home is in foreclosure. But with all of his financial troubles, Holyfield claims in an interview with ESPN that he will tithe before any other obligations such as paying his mortgage. The interview is from a show ESPN produced about the relationships between stars and televangelists that will air this Sunday.&nbsp;Many &nbsp;televangelists preach variations of the &ldquo;prosperity gospel,&rdquo; which teaches its followers that through tithing, they&rsquo;ll be rewarded not just spiritually but also financially. Holyfield has given millions of dollars( over $20 Million to date) &nbsp;to Creflo Dollar&rsquo;s World Changers Church in Atlanta, ESPN&rsquo;s John Barr reports.</p><p>Evander Holyfield: &ldquo;(nodding head) Because I know that tithe, me paying that tithe, it&rsquo;s going to better me off in the long run.&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;I can&rsquo;t sit here and tell you I know all the goings on of that whole ministry, and all the money that they make and where it all goes. I have no idea. But I feel good about being involved with them as individuals and what they&rsquo;re trying to do. And as of right now I&rsquo;m very comfortable with that.&rdquo; &ndash; Kurt Warner, on being on the board of a ministry essentially under Senate investigation.</p><p>This fool will tithe to Creflo Dollar, of all people, before he&rsquo;ll pay his mortgage. I was raised to tithe but not when it can be a detriment to one being able to provide for oneself or his dependents. And who the hell would trust a Preacher who changes his name to DOLLAR ???? And another thing, why does a preacher need a mansion with a pool inside of the home and a Rolls Royce ??? &nbsp;SMH !!! Check out Creflo &ldquo;Pimpin&rdquo; Dollar and his mansion below.</p>

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