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(Sun 7am)
So I’m fast asleep, and I feel my blackberry vibrating like crazy in the pocket of my white chenille bathrobe……wondering who the hell is calling me this early! It was my producer, the legendary EZ Mo Bee, texting me like ‘AYO BOOGIE THESE BASTARDS GOT U ON THE FRONT PAGE NEWS!!!!

Now I know I’ve been a good girl so I’m like, ‘E stop playing I’m going back to sleep!’

So he sent me the  picture….and there I was, splattered on the FRONT PAGE OF THE NY POST! In a jail outfit! WTF??? So on my way to church my driver stopped and bought 5 copies.  All I could do was laugh after reading those erroneous ass allegations!    Once again, Hip-Hop is on blast for some bullshit.   Denouncing our brand and depicting our culture as having   an irreproachable ‘sense of entitlement.’   I know the Post and I have this twisted luv affair, but seriously, this is the most buffoonish story I’ve ever read!  My mother and I watched the news as this ‘Bar Mitzvah Scandal’ broke and put prison officials on blast.  Now a year and a half after I left Rikers Island, it’s breaking news whether I got ‘special treatment’ during my incarceration? Boy oh boy, sounds like some disgruntled, hating ass corrections employee concocted this fabricated story!  I NEVER GOT ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT.  NO ‘valet’ service, meals from Mr. Chows or C.O gatherings in my cell.  Actually, on many occasions I was denied basic privileges and rules were over enforced.  The audacity of a newspaper to even print this shit!   And did u hear the allegations???  Unbelievable!  If in fact I had the entire jail, Warden and Commissioner on lock, why wasn’t this publicized before? I just celebrated my 1 YEAR anniversary home from jail and publicly thanked the c.o’s and staff who treated me with respect. And the respect was reciprocated. And although I did my bid with my head held high, it was the worst shit I’ve ever experienced.              

And as long as I complied with D.OC’s rules and regulations, whether its Louis Vuitton or Levi’s,  Fendi or Fila’s, I’m entitled to rock ANY designer I want! I still keep in touch with the girls I befriended in prison….and for those 8months they held me down. And contrary to this sensationalized story, Warden Mack showed me NO luv!  YES, I left the Jail in a fleet of Phantoms.  YES Councilman Charles Barron was by my side.  And YES hundreds of fans cheered my departure! Cuz I never should’ve been there in the first place.   FB*

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