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**Global Grind Exclusive**  I was laying down watching TV, I don’t remember what was on but a bulletin came across the bottom of the screen and all I caught was “Michael Jackson.. hospital..more news later.”  I screamed to my husband who was in the shower at the time like “babe why did they just say something about Michael Jackson in the hospital?” So he was like “what happened to him?” I told him I didn’t know then we kind of got off the subject.

So we’re playing Scrabble (I’m winning of course) and the news comes on, saying “Breaking news Michael Jackson dead at 50 yrs old” and we were both stuck. I don’t think I even believed it at first, it was as if it were a hoax or something but as the story developed we realized it was official. Now, my husband and I never get to be alone with each other without an officer around so we cherish our alone time together on our trailer visits. We try to spend every second of the two days (unless it’s a 4 day trailer) doing everything we can’t when we’re being watched. But June 25th, 2009 we spent almost the entire day channel surfing back and forth trying not to miss any of the news on MJ.

In less than 5 minutes I was crying (yes crying) and Pap was totally pissed because usually when people pass everybody talks about the good things in their lives and it seemed like all they were talking about was negativity. Eventually we found a channel that was actually showing sympathy and respect and we began reminiscing about our favorite Michael Jackson videos, my jheri curl era – which Pap found hilarious! That reminds me, I have to call my Mom and tell her DO NOT show him those pictures. I also started thinking about the MJ jacket with all the zippers and all the flavors of penny loafers that I had. It got to the point where every time Pap turned around I was trying to sneak and do the moonwalk in my socks. When I was younger, me and my little brother Ra used to put powder on the floor to do the moonwalk but my older brother was dumb nice, he didn’t need the powder!                     

Two weeks later it’s still Michael mania. I watched the memorial the other day and I was actually happy with the way it played out. Michael Jackson is the GREATEST hands down. The part I’ll never forget and that touched me the most along with all of the women who were in the rec watching it at the time, was seeing his daughter express her love towards her Dad. It made me think about how my son must feel without me and I realized how lucky I truly am to be able to be with him again one day. I was also glad that the Congresswoman clarified that Michael Jackson was acquitted; it’s sad when you get a not guilty verdict and are still treated like a criminal. The media pumps bad vibes sometimes and it’s crazy how people really believe and listen to what the media says.

I used to be one of those people that watched the news and bought the newspaper everyday and believed that everything that I was seeing and reading was true; up until the point where I ended up in their reports in a negative light. Now I only read the papers for the horoscopes and the comics and I only watch the news for the lottery numbers. They couldn’t even get my name or age right, more less the color of my vehicle that was right behind them parked in front of the precinct. Many reporters get their information at 4th, 3rd, 2nd hand at best. They’re at liberty to word a headline however they see fit in order to sell the highest number of papers but rarely do they take a moment to stop and think that this is someone’s life that they’re tampering with, someone with a family, someone t

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