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I noticed that every time we post a story about Amber Rose, it gets lots of attention. People have very strong opinions…they either hate her or love her. Some people (the haters) get upset because we, the editors of Global Grind, can’t find a lot of bad things to say about her. We leave that for sites that are less creative and less responsible.

Anyhow, when I closely examine the “Amber” phenomenon, I can’t see what she’s done to hurt the planet, the animals or the people. So sorry haters, I really can’t really find fault with her. One thing good spiritual people should be good at is practicing ‘non judgment.’ So as long as Datwon (the COO of Global Grind) allows me to be involved and be Editorial Director of Global Grind, we are gonna try to stay positive. I’m gonna continue to see my team executing my view or if not, people here will get fired!!! But mostly they will be given another chance…but if it
don’t work out… fired. Ok, back to the point. The best reason to practice disdain for something or someone is that it hurts your spirit. Maybe sometimes you don’t want those actions that are performed by another to become your own? And the best way to do that is to point
fingers? I noticed that the greatest haters of gays are mostly frustrated gays themselves…or maybe in Amber’s case, the sexy girl in you wants to walk around your party in a swimsuit…but that’s a fantasy because you are way too afraid to do that.

I believe that most people who become popular are just trying to make their way, and the constant negative pressure from the media tearing them down can sometimes destroy their self image, ruin their chances of becoming more successful or more importantly, destroy their chances of achieving lasting happiness. Here’s a scenario seldom discussed. The pop culture that has 3 million people following Ashton Kutcher on twitter, but only 15 thousand following His Holiness, the Dali Lama could be subject to some judgment? But I guess as a good yogi, I should look past this and pray that we find the good in Ashton, Puff, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose or any entertainer or celebrity that stole our focus and now has such a powerful affect on our society. We, the collective consciousness, choose Hulk Hogan, Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton, Jay-Z or Amber Rose to focus our attention on, so why does it make us feel so
good to tear them down?

Advice. Practice living a full life. Use your Bible, Koran, Torah, yoga sutras, Buddhist scripture as YOUR guide. Be the best you can be. Tearing other people down will not make you a better Christian, Muslim or Jew. But finding the good in them and protecting them and wishing them well, will!! Try not to pass out bad energy or judgment because the karmic affect is more devastating to your self-image and happiness than it is to theirs’.

PS. I’m not holier than anyone reading this…just pointing out some things that I noticed in me that may be operating in you.





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