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Hackbart, 34, was looking for a parking space on busy Murray Avenue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood on April 10, 2006. Spotting one, he attempted to back into it, but the driver of the car behind him refused to back up and give him sufficient room. Hackbart responded in the classic way. ‘I stuck my hand out the window and gave him the finger to say ‘Hey, jerk, thanks,’ ‘ says Hackbart. ‘That’s all I was trying to say — ‘Thanks, thanks a lot.’ ‘

At that moment, a voice rang out telling Hackbart not to make the rude gesture in public. ‘So I was like, How dare that person tell me? They obviously didn’t see what happened. Who are they to tell me what to say?’ he says. ‘So I flipped that person off. And then I looked, and it was a city of Pittsburgh cop in his car right next to me.’

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