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Earlier this week a new song from Usher by the name of ‘Papers’ leaked to the internet, from his album titled ‘Raymond v Raymond’. In the song he sings about how he is ready to sign the papers to get a divorce, but I’ve learned that Usher is the one who hasn’t signed and is stalling to sign the papers. 

An inside source tells me:

‘Tameka is actually the one overly ready for this divorce to be finalized. She is waiting on him. She’s ready to move on w/ her life. Usher is the one stalling on signing the papers’. We previously reported her on globalgrind that the divorce was completely negotiated and settled upon 2 months ago we thought everyone is happy w/ logistics but why hasn’t Usher signed the papers yet?
‘It’s just a matter of getting his signature to make official and he is ducking and dodging. His reps all want him to sign so they can leak a big piece that it’s officially over.’
Could Usher’s image in this song not be all it’s cracked up to be? Is he the one still trying to be in a relationship w/ her. ‘He’s torn between his mother, fans, family and the only woman he’s ever truly loved, hence the title Raymond vs Raymond. It’s his struggle with self. The fans have it all wrong. Tameka is so ready for this divorce to be final and he’s making it impossible to conclude this portion of her life.’
Usher can sing his heart out on ‘Papers‘ trying to capitalize off demonizing the mother of his two children which is wack in itself but he’s lying to all his fans acting like he wants out of this marriage so bad.’
The source continues to tell me that the case has been dead since the 15th and according to the fulton co. website this appears to be true. Why is it so hard to let go of a failed attempt at love?
I hope these two can get on with their lives and find happiness.
Xilla – GG Gossip Editor
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