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 Quick Flicks: Mice Cant Get Enough of Juniors Cheesecake

squeak Quick Flicks: Mice Cant Get Enough of Juniors Cheesecake

Puff wants us to walk to Brooklyn and bring him back a cheesecake [1] game proper.

Junior’s restaurant is facing Health Department violations after a mouse was photographed enjoying some down time inside a cheesecake display over the weekend. Twitter was down and he was bored, obviously. Junior’s owner says he took immediate action as soon as he was made aware of what he calls an alleged isolated incident but you know that momofuka is lying. It’s the only time somebody was able to get proof!

Visitors to Junior’s Brooklyn spot had mixed feelings about the alleged furry cheesecake fan.

“That’s disgusting. Now I’m not eating this cheesecake I was going to bring home for dessert,” said Star Smith, 21, a retail worker from Bushwick. “It’ll be a while before I go back.”

Other loyal customers took the allegations in stride.

“This is New York City, and there are rats and roaches everywhere,” said Nyree Black, 34, of Flatbush, who has been coming to Junior’s for 20 years.

“I’ll be back. It happens.”

Nyree Black is most definitely your cousin.

[1] A free slice to whoever can tell me which member of Da Band yelled that into their cell phone before making that infamous exodus to BK.

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