Did Keri Hilson Diss Beyonce’s Fans?

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    Keri Hilson goes in on Crazy Beyonce Fans, would have been the headline if only she was actually dissing Beyonce’s fans. A crazed Beyonce fan had nothing better to do than to try to set up Keri Hilson w a photoshopped screen shot of Keri’s twitter page w/ a message saying Beyonce’s stans were crazy. Well if they keep doing stuff like this they might be crazy.

    After I got the screen shot I did a search and no one retweeted the phrase. So I call this bull crap on this one. At least one of Keri’s half a million followers on twitter would have retweeted a diss to Crazy Beyonce Stans. This one will be filed under sorry try again, but what do you all think? Real or fake? 

    Xilla The Gossip & Ent Editor

    The tweet that started it:



    The Photoshop Job



    Keri’s Reaction



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