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Here is Beth Ditto performing with The Gossip at the Wireless Festival in London….and I really don’t know how to handle her eyebrow situation, among other things. I mean, her pomelo pussy haircut…. Her ‘King Koopa going to a fetish party‘ dress…. The way she’s attacking that mic like it’s a delicious chocolate-covered churro trying to run away (I was going to write ‘hard peen‘ but Beth is the opposite of strictly dickly)…. And the brows….

THE BROWS! It looks like Beth drew on her brows while getting tickled in the no-no in the back of a pick-up driving down an extra bumpy road. What am I supposed to do with those brows? If you stare at them long enough it almost looks like her eye holes are giving birth to Bart Simpson.

I’m just going to leave these pictures for you right here while I go and sniff on a bunch of Sharpies. Maybe they will help me understand.

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