Amber Rose Ethnicity: What Is She?

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We all know that Amber Rose’s beauty is the kind that turns heads. Whether it is her striking features, curvaceous body, or signature bleach-blond buzz cut, Ms. Rose, girlfriend of rapper extraordinaire Kanye West, is a supermodel in the making. So the question has been ask many of times, what is Amber Rose’s ethnicity?

In an interview, Amber says that her father is from Italian decent, and her mother is from Cape Verde, a small island of the coast of Senegal in West Africa. While growing up, Amber said she was constantly ridiculed in school because she was a ‘White-Girl’ in an all black school in the rough neighborhood of South Philadelphia. I guess those haters are all mad now! Now check out some of the sexiest pictures of Amber Rose and her man Kanye giving the middle finger!




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