Ronny Turiaf, an Escort and 9 Other Photos Athletes Shouldn’t Have Taken (PHOTOS)

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New York Knicks center Ronny Turiaf is yet another one of the athletes who should be more careful around electronic devices. Turiaf has found himself in the middle of a Twitter battle with a so-called ‘Twitter escort’ @candyDEEPTHROAT, who claims to have slept with him for money. 

@candyDeepthroat wrote angry tweets at Turiaf for failing to answer her calls and threatened to release “more pics” like the one above. She also claimed she was pregnant. Not a good look, Ronny.

Regardless of angry Twitter escorts, check out a collection of some other photographic evidence we’re thinking these athletes would like to take back. 





Minnesota Timberwolves forward Michael Beasley posted this photo of himself on Twitter, ostensibly to show off his new tattoo. Except he forgot to put his bag of weed on the table over there away. Since then, his twitter account was shut down and he checked into a Houston rehabilitation facility.


Brett Favre probably regrets sending a pic of his you-know-what to New York Jets ‘Gameday Host’ and model Jenn Sterger. Favre was fined for not cooperating with the NFL investigation and now two former massage therapists for the Jets filed a lawsuit against Favre and the team claiming they too were victims of sexual harassment. Favre was the golden boy of football for a long time and now he’s retiring in a less than flattering light.


Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton was a recovering alcoholic and in January 2009 he had an unfortunate relapse. Here he is partying at Arizona State University with some off-duty waitresses. Leave the whipped cream body shots to the ladies please, Josh.


Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is probably the most revered player in all of baseball. Although this photo of him passed out on a lawn chair while former VH1 reality star Megan Hauserman and friend chug from a bottle of Grey Goose is not the best we’ve ever seen him look.


Golden State Warriors All-Star forward David Lee is a hardworking young man, so he deserves to enjoy a beer or two when he’s relaxing. Something he doesn’t deserve is to pose for photos with women wearing orange basketball hats.


Injured Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo dated Jessica Simpson and went off the wall a little bit. Here he is getting a little TOO into the music while ensconced in a DJ booth at a nightclub.


Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes‘ team won the AL East title in 2009, so it’s obvious he’d want to celebrate. Taking a shot out of a protective cup, you know the thing guys wear during sports to protect their man-parts, cannot be hygienic.



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