No Facebook For Sasha & Malia And Other Things You Didn’t Know About The Obama Girls (PHOTOS)

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Michelle Obama says her daughters aren’t on Facebook, and that’s the way she likes it. The first lady says her girls, Sasha, 9, and Malia, 12, have certain restrictions that other children don’t have because of Secret Service security issues. She also said in an interview on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ on Wednesday that she’s ‘not a big fan of young kids having Facebook.’ 

It’s understandable why the Obama girls aren’t on Facebook, the privacy and protection of the first daughters are very important. But what other fun things can they do, or at least what are the fun things we don’t know about them? No facebook for the Obama girls, no problem! Here are some unknown fun facts about Sasha and Malia.



Code Names

Sasha’s secret service code name is Rosebud.


Code Names

Malia’s secret service code name is Radiance.


Early Rises

The early bird catches the worm! The Obama girls get up at 6 a.m. to get ready for school. It’s never too early to learn.


Sasha is an Athlete

A swimming champ and a pro miniature golfer to boot, the youngest Obama gal loves to do her laps and sink a hole in one when she get the time.


All Things Pink

From what we’ve seen, Sasha is very colorful when it comes to her clothes, no dark tones for this young lady.


Beethovens in the Making

Both girls know how to rock the piano. The black and white keys get plenty of  play in the White House.


Hip-Hop Junkies

It seems the youngest Obama, Sasha, likes to dance hip-hop, now that’s a good look. What could she be dancing to? Rihanna, please don’t tell us she’s doing “The Dougie”.


Hide and seek

Sasha loves to play hide and seek, this epic picture was taken a couple months into Obama’s Presidency. It made its rounds across the net and became a hit.

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