The Many Guilty Pleasures of Jessie J (PHOTOS)

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GlobalGrind got a chance to talk with one of the latest Brits to cross over to the American main stream music scene, Jessie J. The always-dolled-up pop star, whose album drops on April 12th, has an eclectic sound, style and outlook on life that is inspired by a bunch of her favorite things.

It’s not about the “Price Tag,” so we had to find out where the value behind her most prized possessions lies. From lipsticks and perfumes, to celebrity crushes, guilty pleasures and meals to die for, Jessie breaks it down. Read on to find out what she says she can’t live without and pre-order her album “Who You Are” on iTunes now. 

Jessie J Has A Special Guest For “SNL” (VIDEO)


FAVORITE BRAND OF MAKEUP:  M.A.C. is one of Jessie’s most adored makeup brands. She loves MAC’s Face and Body Foundation and, as a lipstick buff, their “Ruby Woo” and “Rebel” lipcolors. But her love for cosmetics does not end there; she also gets down with Nars, Clé De Peau, and L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara.


BEST SCENTS: There are a couple of fragrances that Jessie J likes to splash on. She said, “I wear Empirio Armani Diamonds at the moment, but I love Britney Spears’ Fantasy and Hugo Beat Red. I’ve got a good perfume collection.”


INSIDE HER CARRY ON: Jessie’s carry on is packed with essentials. Her iPod, Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones, Multivitamins and then some. The carry on items she could not live without? That would be antibacterial hand sanitizer and a comb, of which she said, “My manager is sitting here laughing because she said to me earlier that she’s going to get a comb put on a necklace because I’m always asking her if I can have it.”

Then there are the things that she takes with her everywhere: a family photo album that was a Christmas gift from her mom and her touch screen Blackberry Torch.


CELEBRITY CRUSH: When GlobalGrind asked Jessie J who her celebrity crush was she responded, “Rihanna. I mean, who doesn’t fancy Rihanna? I just feel like I could have such a good laugh with her. She’s just so cheeky. It’s that little nose [and] smile. I met her at the Brit [Awards] and she shook my hand, and I was like, ‘Oh my god!'” 


BRITISH ARTISTS TO LOOK OUT FOR: We all know and love Rihanna, so of course we understand the allure there. There are some other artists that Jessie J thinks we all should know about though. U.K. artists Tinie Tempah, Cherri V, Ellie Goulding, and Daley are her recommendations.


GUILTY PLEASURES: “Jersey Shore” and Snooki especially, crack Jessie up. “I watched the episode where she got arrested on the beach for being intoxicated for public and I just thought it was so funny,” Jessie said, “She was like, “He’s being so nice to me! I don’t want him to be nice to me!” It was so funny!”


FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: When in the U.K., Jessie J eats at FiFi, and always gets the #24: Flank steak, with homemade chili sauce, rice and salad. She also likes to go to Savannah Jerk, a West Indian food restaurant. But no one’s honey chicken could compare to her mom’s.



FAVORITE JEANS: Vintage Versace. “I own about 6 pairs. High waisted. I can’t eat much!”


jessie j

WORST PICKUP LINE: “No, the worst, I can’t even tell you the worst pickup line I’ve ever had, it was, “I wish I could be a vet so I could look after your pussy.”

(Laughs) “Yeah, it’s so bad. It made me nearly vomit. He’s lucky I didn’t hit him. So bad. That’s the one that really stuck in my head. I have to give it to him though because he’s always stuck in my head because of that, so maybe it was so offensive but you remember him.”

Check Jessie J out on BET’s “106 & Park” on April 12th—the same day her debut album “Who You Are” hits stores. 

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