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Your highness mascot

This story is about nothing more than the brain-busting pondering of celebrity bliss and all the things they do that make you go hmmm…. To get your brain running during midday, GlobalGrind has presented celebrity imponderables.

There may be no specific explanation or reason, but GlobalGrind is sure that ‘hmmm’ moments will serve as good brain candy. Things that make you go hmmm… is a small collection of humorous questions or statements that will leave you baffled.

I know! I know! Some of you are wondering, WTF?! is that creature thing with its “man parts” hanging out. It’s a minotaur from the movie “Your Highness,” which stars James Franco, Danny McBride, and Justin Theroux. This minotaur thingy is super scary and weird looking and definitely makes GlobalGrind go “hmmm…” 

Check out more crazy things that make you go hmmm…on the next few pages!


angela yee

Radio host Angela Yee and her “hoes be winning” t-shirt. Hmmm…”hoes be winning” huh? 


sophie simmons

Sophie Simmons, actress and daughter of rock legend Gene Simmons, does the classic Marilyn Monroe pose, but GlobalGrind has spotted some spanks. Now, GlobalGrind doesn’t discriminate against spanks-sporting women, matter-fact we love women who wear spanks, but ummm…don’t wear spanks and pose as Marilyn. Thank you and good day.   


jorge gonzalez

At first glance you may think WOW! this woman is sporting some very high heels. And you also may think WOW! she also has amazing hair! And after that thought you may think WOW! she sure has some amazingly large biceps. Then you realize…oh it’s Jorge Gonzalez who’s absolutely fabulous and can walk better than any woman we know. Hmmm….


ashanti and her little sister

Ashanti and her little sister Shia at Shia’s 22nd Birthday party. Now you tell GlobalGrind what makes you go “hmmm” because we’re not saying a word. 


charlie sheen and his goddesses

Although we’ve seen lots of crazy stuff from Charlie Sheen and his goddesses, GlobalGrind continues to be amazed by their antics. Charlie Sheen and his goddesses still make us go “hmmm.” Here they are during Charlie’s infamous opening tour show in Detroit. 


monster energy drink mouse

WTF!? Is that a mouse in a can of Monster Energy? Yup, sure is. GlobalGrind’s question is, how in the world did a mouse get in a can of energy drink? 

monster energy drink mouse

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