Flashing Lights: Will.I.Am & Other Artists Who Rocked A Gumby (PHOTOS)

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One of the highlights of Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards was watching Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am‘s hair change colors as much as he did on stage and on the red carpet.

We’re not sure what to call Will’s gadget. Is it a wig? Is it a helmet? Both? Is it battery operated? Does it plug into the wall for charging? How can the lights last before they blow out?

These questions and more haunted us as we watched the performance. We don’t think will.i.am. is hiding anything, he’s just creative and technologically driven. In fact, he thanked the tech industry during his acceptance speech after the Peas won Best Duo/Group.

We’ve seen Will without the helmet/LED device and usually his hair is done in a mock gumby, a high top fade with a slope on the side named after the famous cartoon character; and sometimes known as the Ronald Reagan with parts and intricate designs.

Last night, however, Will switched on the lights and gave us a light show in pink, yellow, and blue. It looked really cool and made us recall other artists who use their heads as a showplace for sculptural elements.

Before Will, however, there were other artists who rocked the shape, check them out after the break! 


will.i.am at the VMAs last year. Folks were wrong when they accused him of doing blackface. He was in fact manifesting a character with a gumby!


will.i.am with his regular gumby.


will.i. am at the Billboard Music Awards.


Nicki Minaj wore a pink, gumby inspired wig earlier this year in the UK.


Grace Jones as May Day in “A View To A Kill” also rocked a gumby.


Bobby Brown at the height of his fame in 1989. 


Rapper Verse Simmonds in a gumby.



Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks.


Brandon Jennings with a gumby.

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