Ryan Dunn’s Girlfriend, Angie Cuturic: The Woman Behind The Tragedy (PHOTOS)

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With the recent passing of Ryan Dunn, die-hard “Jackass” fans are sending out their love to his longtime girlfriend, Angie Cuturic. Upon his passing Bam Margera and his mother, April, had Cuturic in their hearts, while sharing the pain of a lost loved one. Cuturic has not been spotted out in public since the crash on June 20th.

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The couple had been together since 2002, and the couple were reportedly engaged. Dunn sported a wedding band tattoo on his left ring finger and had “Angie” tattooed on his inner arm. The couple starred in a movie based off Dunn’s failed relationships called “Haggard: The Movie” in 2003, where Angie played his promiscuous girlfriend. Cuturic also played Libby in a 2009 film, written by Bam Margera called “Minghags.”

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Take a look through pictures of the couple over the years.


The couple have been together since 2002.


Cuturic took part in Viva La Bam.


An old picture of the couple enjoying each other’s company.


The couple were reportedly engaged.


Ryan Dunn and Angie Cuturic starred in 2003’s Haggard: The Movie.


The long time couple at the 2003 premiere of Jackass: The Movie.


This was the last picture of the Jackass star before the fatal crash on Monday.



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