Tyga: “My First Time Having Sex Was Amazing!” (EXCLUSIVE)

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One of Young Money’s rising stars, rapper Tyga is one of the industry’s hottest young rappers. 

Being good friends with Chris Brown and having a mentor like Lil Wayne, there’s no way that Tyga isn’t hot.

GlobalGrind caught up with Tyga on the green carpet at the 2011 BET Awards. Tyga dished about his good friend Chris Brown’s comeback, his first time having sex and being a part of the Young Money army.

Check out the exclusive interview below!

Whoa! This is soo much jewelry! Bling Bling! Who designed all of your jewelry?

This is a lot of gold! My jeweler Jason in Beverly Hill designed all of it. Egyptian symbols and stuff.

You and Chris Brown are nominated for “Deuces,” how does that feel?

It’s crazy. Last year when Chris was doing the Michael Jackson tribute, he was like ‘hey we should do a mixtape.’ A year later we’re nominated for the mixtape.

How is it working with Chris Brown?

It’s great. It took us like 5 days to do that mixtape, we did like three songs a day. There are only a handful of people that I’m really close to and cool in the industry. Chris is really a close friend. He’s got talent man. He’s really a creative person. He came back and did it all by himself, with no help, just fans.

You’re part of the Young Money family, how much pressure is it to be great?

I think the people put the pressure on us blowing up. We’re all different. We all do different things. I’ve been touring overseas in Australia and Africa by myself with no single, so I’ve been doing my thing.

You are one that stands alone.

When I met Wayne I was doing my thing, and I just signed with him last year. So you know I don’t let the hype get to me like everyone saying  ‘everyone from Young Money got to be hot,’ I just do me.  That’s what people love.

We watched your video “First Time” with Pharrell, can you describe your first time for me?

My first time…?

You’re first time getting your “grown man” on?

Oh having sex?!


Oh, I was 14 years old and it was amazing! [laughs] It was amazing. I felt different. Like ‘damn this is what I’ve been missing?’

We love your hair! It’s like an auburn, what made you dye your hair?

It’s just something fresh, something new. Keeping the swag on, and give the people something to talk about and something to watch.

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