Jonah Hill And Channing Tatum In “21 Jump Street”: “The Guy Who Wrote ‘F*ck The Police’ Plays A Police Captain”

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    We love Jonah Hill for his goofy and sincere brand of comedy in films like “Superbad” and “Get Him To The Greek” and we also swoon over Channing Tatum’s physique and dance moves in blockbusters like “Step Up.”

    But would you ever think to put these two seemingly mismatched, albeit equally charming, actors together in one film?

    Well, that’s exactly what happens in “21 Jump Street,” an upcoming film reboot of the early ’90s television show where Johnny Depp got his heartthrob start. 

    Jonah and Channing play Schmidt and Jenko, two police officers who join the undercover Jump Street unit in this new action-comedy based off the now-cult classic television show. 

    GlobalGrind had the exclusive opportunity to visit the set of “21 Jump Street” in New Orleans and get to know the team behind the film.

    Directed by “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” masterminds and goofballs Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the film is the hilarious and heartfelt tale of two men who go undercover in a local high school and must work together to investigate a dangerous drug ring. 


    Jonah co-produced and co-wrote the film, so we can expect some of the same wacky humor the newly svelte actor is known for. But Channing’s new role may also amaze you. The chiseled leading man (who also co-produced) has an outstanding comedic side that audiences will be pleasantly surprised to see. 

    While we can expect lots of humor and tons of action as the guys try to bring down the drug ring while pretending to be teenagers, the heart behind the back-to-school story line is what lies at the center of the film and what makes it so relatable. 

    “It’s all the insecurities that you had and even if you didn’t have them, now it’s just flipped,” Channing says, “One of my favorite lines is like, ‘God if I just woulda went to high school 5 years later, I’da been so cool.’”

    Who can’t relate to that? 

    What’s more, Jonah and Channing’s roles might be different than what you would expect. 

    “It was really important in casting a guy like Chan and myself together, that we wanted to play on your expectations,” said Jonah. “The expectations would be that Chan would go back in and be the coolest guy in school and I would be more of an outcast. We wanted to flip it and do the exact opposite.”


    For fans of “21 Jump Street,” you can expect subtle nods to the original, while new fans are sure to be won over by the film’s self aware sense of humor. 

    “There wasn’t a pressure to make it feel like the show … The show is very crazy. I’m just gonna throw it out there,” Jonah says. “We had a respect for the show and the idea of that show is what we all loved.” 

    “When I talk to 16-year-olds, they don’t know what ’21 Jump Street’ is,” Jonah continued. “I’m like, ‘It’s about young looking cops who go back to high school’ and they’re like ‘sick! I’ll see that.’”

    The new “21 Jump Street” also stars Dave Franco, Brie Larson, Ellie Kempner and the legendary Ice Cube. Jonah, who has worked with hip-hop stars like Diddy in “Get Him To The Greek,” says Ice Cube’s role is classic. 

    “We thought it would be great to have the guy who wrote “Fuck The Police” play a police captain. I grew up in the ‘80s in L.A. so it’s like Ice Cube and Magic (Johnson) are my heroes. It was cool, he told us all N.W.A. stories and “Three Kings” and “Friday” and all that great stuff. That guy’s had a pretty epic career and he was just so cool for doing it and we had so much fun.” 

    GlobalGrind can’t wait to get a taste of high school crime fighting Jonah and Channing-style, so stay locked on GG for more “Jump Street” coverage right up until the film drops in March 2012. 

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