Take An Inside Look At The Personal Life Of Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris (PHOTOS)

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Michael Jackson tried his hardest to ensure that his children led normal lives, because growing up he was never able to have what we have, a normal childhood.

Free of cameras flashing every time you went to reach for a fork and free from having strange people follow you around when you were just trying to go to school.

Since his death, his children have slowly been exposed to the media, but the Jackson family has taken great precaution to ensure that they do not become overexposed due to Michael not being able to protect them.

Recently his daughter Paris Jackson signed up for the social networking site, Facebook and since then, personal pictures have been leaked from her site.

Take a look into how normal of a life Paris and her brothers lead on the following pages. 


Paris and auntie Janet make silly faces for the camera.


See, even Paris chucks the dueces.


Like father, like daughter. Here is Paris rockin’ a glove on her hand.


She even takes computer photos when she’s bored, just like the rest of us.


Every Facebook needs a photo of you and your friends being silly.


She may not be old enough to drive, but motocycles are cool.


Here she is with Grandpa Jackson and Uncle Tito ready to ride.


With her dad up on her wall, Paris poses with her cat in her room.

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