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Electrifying NFL star and playboy Reggie Bush was traded to the Miami Dolphins today and everybody’s buzzing about it for what he’ll do on and off the field.

People want to know what kind of fun Reggie, one of the NFL’s most famous and marketable stars, will be having when he hits South Beach.

Miami has long been his home away from home since he was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2006. However, the 26 -year-old running back says he won’t be partying when he gets there.

Reggie has been a big time celebrity since his college days in Los Angeles. His fame grew even more when he entered the NFL and hooked up with reality star Kim Kardashian in 2007.

But when asked about his past with Kim, Reggie said, “I didn’t like that lifestyle at all. I don’t want half the world knowing I’m on a date … Some people can deal with that, but not me. I’m a football player. That’s what I do …That Hollywood world is so foreign to me.”

The Super Bowl winner, who’s now kicking it with main squeeze Melissa Molinaro, promises to bring excitement to the city of Miami regardless.

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In celebration of Reggie coming to Miami, GlobalGrind has decided to give him a tour of the city and all it has to offer. We understand he’s familiar with the area and that he wants to stay out of trouble so we’re giving him some fresh ideas that’ll still make his stay in Miami epic.

Check out GlobalGrind’s tour of Miami!


Give LeBron some advice on how to win a championship.


Borrow Rick Ross’s “drop top chicken box” and take it for a spin on Ocean Avenue in South Beach.


Ride it over to legendary gentleman’s club King of Diamonds and kick it with some strippers. Take Melissa with you.


Take jet ski safety lessons with Sean Kingston.


Be a third bad boy in the recently green lit Bad Boys 3.


Have a cookout with Uncle Luke.


Practice fencing with old folks at one of the nursing homes.



Take an informative tour of a meth lab.


Try to find Jimmy Hoffa.

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