Rihanna Debuts New Hair Color While Doing Rock Star Ish (PHOTOS)

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Rihanna was spotted shopping for a new handbag at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills when we noticed she has yet another new hair color!

While it’s still in the red family, it’s not the fire red we’ve grown to love from the “California King Bed” singer.

Rihanna most likely was looking for stuff to wear while she does rock star ish, as she said about her first Esquire cover. 

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As far as Rihanna’s new hair color, it works even better than the other color and the red hot was still fly.

Check out these amazing pictures of Rihanna’s new hair color and let us know what you think!


Rihanna looking great in her short shorts.


Rihanna sports her Fendi bag.


Rihanna gives the camera a side profile.


Rihanna shows off her newly dyed hair.


Rihanna smirks a little for the camera.


Rihanna checking out some bags in California.


Rihanna waits patiently inside the store.


Rihanna checking out a bag for her new collection.



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