“The Help” And Other Powerful Films That Will Make Your Man Cry! (PHOTOS)

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    There aren’t too many movies that are powerful enough to move Russell Simmons, but the socially and racially charged movie The Help is one of those films.

    It is a film that uplifts women of all kinds and shines light on the history of the south during the Civil Rights Movement. It explores the strength of human nature and the kindness and courage in all of us. 

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    Even the manliest of men can’t help being touched by this great movie. It will make you laugh, warm your heart and have you using your popcorn napkins as tissues to wipe your tears. It’s that good.

    Films like The Color Purple and Forrest Gump are other tear jerking films that are guaranteed to bring out the water works.

    Click next to see what other films will have your boyfriend drying his eyes with his sleeve!


    The Color Purple is an amazing film that follows Celie and the trials and tribulations of her life. She has been held down by men her whole life, particularly her stepfather, who has physically and mentally abused her.


    Forrest Gump is a movie that will educate you and bring you to tears at the same time. It takes you on the journey of a Alabama boy as he goes through life, while detailing important historical moments like the Vietnam War.


    Schindler’s List is a deep movie that takes you back to World War II. It gives you a in depth look into the persecution, terror and genocide inflicted during the Holocaust.


    Malcolm X is a powerful film about a powerful man who led a revolution. The scene where Malcolm gets shot is probably one of the most riveting scenes in film history.


    The Shawshank Redemption embodies the true meaning of friendship. Two men who both are in prison form a bond that lasts a lifetime far beyond prison.


    Field of Dreams will speak to the inner child in every man. It’s a movie about following dreams and shows the true bond between father and son.


    Antwone Fisher is a riveting film about a man overcoming his past. Growing up in a abusive foster home caused Antwone to have many deep rooted issues.

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