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Welcome back to One Time 4 Your Mind where we get you ready for the weekend with a recap of the craziest/funniest stories out of D.C. and the important stuff you need to know for when you’re kickin’ it with friends, classmates, co-workers, or that cutie you met during the week. Let’s get right to it…

One Time 4 Your Mind – October 21, 2011

What Are They Smoking?:

This week, frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination Herman Cain released a parody-inspiring campaign ad that went viral for its wacked-out ending that’ll leave you wondering what the heck you just witnessed. If you missed it or just want to enjoy it one more time, click the play button below.

Speaking of those who want to “take the country back,” one of my favorite moments in politics this year came when President Obama embarrassed Donald Trump, unofficial spokesperson of the Birthers (a group claiming that the President wasn’t born in the United States, which would make him an illegitimate president), on national television at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April.

I haven’t seen a takedown like that since rapper Soul Khan donned the white tuxedo and top hat (my Ultimate Rap League heads know what I’m talking about). 

Gun-waving Texas Governor Rick Perry must have missed it because he brought the de-bunked birther business back up this week. While I appreciate the effort, Ricky Rozay Jack Daniels needs to step his game up and be more creative. We need a brand new conspiracy theory to laugh about, not some old recycled one.

STORY: Rick Perry Still Wants Obama’s Birth Certificate 

The Hyphy Movement:

Occupy Oakland, the Bay Area offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, was under siege this past Tuesday as police officers in riot gear fired tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds and (allegedly) flash bombs into the crowd of protesters. Oakland PD decided to shut down the demonstrations at Frank Ogawa Plaza citing health and safety concerns, leading to a violent showdown in the streets with several arrests. During the chaos, a 24-year old former U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran named Scott Olsen was struck in the head and sent to the hospital in critical condition with a fractured skull. Thankfully, Scott is now awake and seems to be doing well.

STORY: The 411 On Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen 

An Oakland PD police chief defended the actions of officers saying protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers after they were told to leave. Check out a shocking video of the scene below:

The demonstrators have since returned to the plaza and have planned a city-wide strike for November 2, encouraging people to skip work and school as a way of increasing awareness of and participation in the movement.

Money Ain’t A Thang:

This week the Wall Street Journal reported on a survey (Spectrem Group) which found that 68 percent of MILLIONAIRES (people with investments of $1 million or more) support raising taxes on people making over $1 million a year.

GLOBAL10: The 1 Percent Showing Love To The 99 Percent

That’s right: a majority of the 1 percent – not just Russell Simmons, Warren Buffett, Jay-Z, etc. – are willing to sacrifice for the good of the nation. It’s amazing how out-of-touch our government as a whole is with the people they’re supposed to represent.  

Keep it here next week for the latest news in politics, minus the B.S. and have a great Halloween! 

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