New Steve Jobs Action Figure Is Creepy & Realistic (PHOTOS)

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    UPDATE: According to recent reports, Apple is going to sue In Icons for producing the Steve Jobs action figure!

    Apple is claiming that they own the rights of the late co-founder’s appearance, personality etc.

    Allegedly, in an email, the company states that any toy that resembles the technology company’s logo, person’s name, appearance or likeness of its products is a criminal offence.

    Wow! Apple sounds serious about this one! It’s about to go down! 

    SOURCE: Telegraph

    Miss Apple co-founder Steve Jobs? Well, you can have him back as an action figure!

    A company called In Icons has created a surprisingly real looking Steve Jobs action figure for $99. So real and creepy is this thing that you can see the pores on its forehead and the wrinkles under its chin.

    STORY: Steve Jobs Is Dead

    The prototype also features two sets of hands, in case you lose a pair, glasses, a turtleneck, a black belt, one pair of blue jeans, and two apples, one bitten.

    No word yet on Apple’s response to the action figure.

    Jobs died three months ago and the world still can’t get over it.

    Check out the figure in the gallery above and visit In Icons website to order yourself a Steve Jobs! Expect to own Jobs sometime in February!



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