The Weeknd Parties Hard Enough To Bust His Vein

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    Everyone loves to party, but if you go hard in the paint enough, your eyeball might explode!

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    Drake’s friend and newest underground sensation The Weeknd is known for his ballads about cocaine infused nights with women. Well, it’s not a front. 

    The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, hit up a friend’s party at Live in Toronto and he got so hammered that he started puking his guts out. Apparently, Abel puked so hard that he busted a vein in his eye!

    In the picture you can see that he has a red eyeball, we’re talking werewolf status. 

    MUSIC: The Weeknd Silently Drops “Echoes Of Silence” Mix Tape!

    While the injury might look gruesome, it doesn’t hurt and should heal in a week or two.

    Until then, we hope the Weeknd gets well soon and takes care of himself. We know his art imitates life, but we still need him around to sing and write some more dope material! 

    Check out his new free mixtape Echoes of Silence right here. 



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