Illuminati Files: Blue Ivy Carter & The Theories Surrounding Her Name (DETAILS)

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    Jay-Z and Beyonce are no strangers to Illuminati conspiracy theories. 

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    Considered to be a secret society where money and evil rule its main objective, all of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities have been accused of being a part of the “evil” society of wealth and greed. 

    As soon as Jay-Z and Beyonce announced their first born child’s name, Blue Ivy Carter, Illuminati theorists went wild. Thousands have speculated, breaking down the name Blue Ivy as standing for B=Born L=Living U= Under E=Evil  I=Illuminati’s V=Very Y=Youngest.  

    Now it all sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t to us, but some people really believe in the secret society of Illuminati. 

    The Illuminati theories don’t end there, theorists say if you spell Blue Ivy backwards it’s EULB YVI, which they say is Latin for Lucifer’s daughter. 

    People can’t be serious, but they are. So GlobalGrind decided to look up EULB YVI, and to no one’s surprise, the words EULB YVI don’t exist in the Latin language – At ALL!

    Everyone who practices Christianity should know that Lucifer didn’t have a daughter, and he definitely didn’t have a daughter named EULB YVI. 

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    So GlobalGrind’s just going to put to rest little baby Blue Ivy Carter’s name association to the secret society. Many people believe in the Illuminati, but there’s no proof to support any allegations of Blue Ivy’s name being a symbol for Satanic beliefs. 

    Everyone should respect that Jay and Bey’s baby is only two days old and not associate a helpless baby with an evil organization.

    How many of you believe Blue Ivy’s name is tied to the Illuminati? Let us know in the poll below!


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