Auntie Solange Shows Affection To Niece Blue Ivy Carter (PHOTOS)

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    New auntie Solange Knowles, is one of the very few people in the world who have set eyes on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, and she has finally shared how being an auntie makes her feel.

    The Dj/singer/model is a mom herself to an adorable son named Julez, but it seems like being an auntie comes with a different type of charm.

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    Solange took to her Twitter account yesterday and posted a simple tweet to her little niece that read “Blue makes my days so bright.”


    If this was a few months ago, the tweet could have been passed off as an excitement about a favorite article of clothing being the fashionista that Solange is, but we know better, and we also know what Solange wore yesterday.

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    Thanks to Solange’s latest project with VOGUE UK, we can all know what Solange wears everyday. The youngest Knowles sister has agreed to chronicle her look every day in February for a feature on the fashion magazine’s website.

    Check out what Solange wore today over at Vogue UK

    Looks like if we do our math right we can figure out exactly what Solange was wearing to go visit baby Blue Ivy.

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