Ray-J’s Money Team Mayhem! “I Woke Up On The Ground” (DETAILS)

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    Ray-J’s bodyguards are not one to mess with!

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    The R&B singer’s protectors have apparently attacked yet another person. The victim, who claims he was beaten up by one of Ray-J’s bodyguards earlier this week, said he was just trying to help a friend out when he was knocked out Mike Tyson-style by Ray-J’s henchman. 

    According to TMZ

    After Phil’s friend told one of Ray J’s Bodyguards to “f**k himself” the bodyguard responded by punching his friend to the ground, Phil who went to help his friend then “woke up on the ground.” 

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    People need to learn not to disrespect Ray-J and the Money Team; they got seven Rolls-Royces outside. 

    The altercation took place outside of a club in Hollywood early Friday morning. Phil is said to have suffered a mild concussion and is now recovering.

    We hope Ray-J and his Money Team can get it together. We’re starting to feel like this is a scene out of Boyz N’ Hood



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