Chef Roble’ Talks Fashion Food And Bogus Catering Inquries!

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    Chef Roble‘ is a man of a concrete talent for the art of cooking and now with the hit of his new reality TV show Chef Roble’ & Co. it seems like this man can do no wrong.

    Globalgrind got a chance to catch up with the chef this New York Fashion Week at designer Mataano fashion presentation to talk about his life after reality TV, food and its connection to fashion.

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    Chef Roble’ is one of the most elite chefs out there with good food that feeds the soul having cooked for huge names in the industry like President Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Russell Simmons.

    Chef Roble’ is not only an stupendous chef but also an amazing person so check out the exclusive interview below along with his twitter @ChefRoble!

    Where does your inspiration for cooking and certain recipes come from?

    I like to take classics and put my own spin on them for the most part.

    Do you feel like there’s a connection between food and fashion?

    I’m not trying to be a smart ass but I think that there’s a connection between food and everything because everyone has to eat.

    Being that its fashion week do you have a favorite designer?

    Yes I do have a favorite designer, Mataano! Even though I can’t wear their clothes.

    What difficulties do you deal with now that your show has aired that you hadn’t before?

    Bogus catering inquiries

    Bogus catering inquiries like what?

    Like people coming to me with ridiculously low budgets that I can’t afford to accommodate.

    So your budget has changed since you’ve been on television? Or do people just think that they can get over?

    No, same. And I think that people just, people that have never hired a caterer before sometimes they don’t understand that. Uhhhh I don’t want to be a dick man!

    You’re fine you’re fine, be honest!

    A lot of times there are a lot people that try to hire me that never hired caterers before an they don’t understand how expensive things can get.

    Your favorite part of fashion week?

    The parties, the after-parties 

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