Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Valentine’s Day Plan With Lam Lam (DETAILS)

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    It looks like Valentine’s Day will be rather quiet for one of our favorite couples!

    Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have one of the cutest relationships in Hollywood, you would think they would go all out for V-Day.

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    Apparently, that’s not the case!

    In a recent interview with, the 27-year-old Kardashian sister revealed that she doesn’t have much planned for the big day of love!

    She also talks about how she has come into her own sense of fashion, and how the trade has effected her style.

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    Check out the interview below.

    Do you and your husband have any romantic plans for Valentine’s Day?
    We will be in Dallas on Valentine’s Day, but I have to travel to New York City to do press for “Khloe and Lamar” the following day. I don’t care for gifts, just quality time. We’ll probably just watch a movie in bed. It’s boring, but that’s our perfect day.

    You’ve recently partnered up with U by Kotex to raise money for the national organization, Girls For A Change. How do you remain self-empowered?
    I have two younger sisters and I’m such an advocate of owning who you are as a person. Don’t be ashamed or intimidated. Never feel like you are not amazing. Everyone asks me, “How did you get to be so confident?” I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but I was always bullied as a kid. I still feel like I get bullied now, but my family has always been my sanctuary. Having a circle that you can go to is so important. U by Kotex encourages that strong message about empowering women, and even letting young girls know it’s okay to talk about their bodies.

    You and your sisters all have different body types. What have you learned about dressing for your shape?
    Now that I’m older, for example, [Kim and I] may have the same jacket, but we could wear it two totally different ways. I became more confident. I had to say “I’m 5 foot 10, she’s 5 foot 2. I can’t dress how she does.” Not to be vain, but I have nice long legs, so I like to accentuate them. Find what part of your body you love most — it can be your arms, your chest, your legs — and emphasize that.

    Has your style changed since moving to Texas?
    Everything is much more laid back. I love that I can just be in jeans and a T-shirt. I’m not a flats girl, so I still get dressed up in my heels. I feel like in Los Angeles when you go to the grocery store, it’s like God forbid you’re in sweats! I like being in sweats. I like being low-key.

    It’s great to see Khloe doing her own thing, while still holding her man down in Dallas!

    Do you guys think Khloe is secretly planning a big day for her husband Lamar?

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