Janet Jackson Offers Young Bobbi Brown Some Advice (VIDEO)

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    In a recent sit-down, Anderson Cooper and Janet Jackson discussed the topics of loss and grief, expounding on the notion that there is no real “closure” – unlike what the media has played it out to be.

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    In a dialogue, Janet extended her condolences to the family of the late legend Whitney Houston, while urging Bobbi Kristina Brown, in particular, to give her pain up to God.

    Jackson expressed:

    “I didn’t want to accept it. It’s very difficult… You have to come to terms at some point; you have to give it up to God.”

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    Jackson went on to explain that the loss of her brother Michael was devastating, but that she had to learn how to best cope with that loss. With much humility, Jackson gave some great advice to Bobbi Kristina, even thought she expressed that she cannot imagine what she is going through.

    Check the video out below. 

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