Now That's Love: Wiz Khalifa & Mom Smoke Together! (DETAILS)

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Mary Jane aficionado and enthusiast Wiz Khalifa went on Twitter to express his dear sentiments about his mother.

In true social networking fashion, the chic rapper Instagramed a photo op of the two sharing a mother-son kiss tweeting:

I Love My Mommy

Clearly! But nevermind the on-the-lips smooch they shared. Apparently, the two have a no-holds-bar, keepin’-it-real type of rapport. Moments later, Amber Rose‘ beau happily admitted:

Yes We Smoke Together :-)

Yes. Wiz gets high with his mommy.

And it doesn’t end there! Wiz continued the night in celebration, unafraid to inebriate his fellow comrade, Mama Khalifa, tweeting: 

Poppin Bottles & Gettin Trippy Wit My Mom

Must be nice! Who else gets lifted with their parental units??

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