More Trouble! Jim Jones Assaults A Fan? (VIDEO)

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    Jim Jones is in hot water again after being accused of sending his goons to rough up a fan during a show in Boston.

    STORY: Jim Jones Arrested AGAIN!

    During the Tuesday night show at the Middle East nightclub, a fan threw a drink at Jones’ head. After stopping the show to see who the cup-thrower was, several dudes from Jones’ camp jumped down into the crowd and tried to confront the concert-goer. 

    STORY: Jim Jones Arrested & Maced After Casino Brawl

    After some pushing, shoving and screaming, security rushed in and broke it up and the assailant was thrown out of the show.

    TMZ spoke with Jones … who tells them: 

    “I would never instruct people to jump down from the stage … I wish it wouldn’t have happened.”

    This is the third time in a week that Jones has made news. Last week at a casino in Connecticut Jones got into a fight with the security guards and earlier this week, he was arrested for driving on a suspended license.

    The trials and tribulations of Jim Jones continue to unfold.

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