Politics As Usual! Jay-Z Gets Lyrical In Florida Legislature (VIDEO)

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    A debate on the Florida Legislative House floor turned lyrical as legislators struggle to pass a few more bills. The debate is such they have started correcting each other’s Jay-Z lyrics in arguments for and against amendments!

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    The lyrical battle was on display when Rep. Alan B. Williams (D-Tallahassee) quoted Jay’s “99 Problems” in a discussion of an amendment regarding Florida evidence code, saying:

    “To go even further, you think about a wise businessman. He even said he knows his rights. And Jay-Z…I think Jay-Z said it best and I’m going to quote for you. ‘I know my rights and you’re going to need a warrant for that.’ And he even went further, “Aren’t you sharp as a tack, are you a lawyer or something?” Members, when you look at it, support this. If you support Jay-Z, support this amendment.”

    But that didn’t fly because speaker Dean Cannon (R-Winter Park) gave Williams a “respectful” correction saying:

    “I must respectfully disagree with a correction, Rep. Williams. In the song, it was the officer who said, ‘Aren’t you sharp as a tack?’ or something. ‘You should try for lawyer or something,’ so I got you on that. It’s an unspoken rule, if you’re going to invoke Jay-Z, you must get the lyrics correct. I’m not sure Jay-Z would support this amendment.”

    Meanwhile, no one how knows how Jay-Z might feel about the right to dye animals pink, which is a provision in the bill. 

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