What Happens To Your Favorite Villian Once The Credits Stop Rolling? (PHOTOS)

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    What happens to the most iconic villains in movies when the credits stop rolling?

    Italian photographer Federico Chiesamay must have been thinking the same when he came up with the “Horror Vacui” (Latin for “fear of empty space”) series of photos.

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    The collection features Darth Vader, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees and even the Twins from The Shining as much older and retired villains doing some things that would be considered uncharacteristic of them in their youth.

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    Michael Myers from Halloween now has to use a walker to get around and Darth Vader looks like he would rather sit in his easy chair under a blanket than even look at a lightsaber.

    Take a look at the entire group of photographs from the Horror Vacui collection by Federico Chiesamay in the gallery above.




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