HOW TO LOVE! Lil Wayne To Release An Album Of Love Songs? (DETAILS)

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We always knew that Lil Wayne had a romantic side!

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Last night, MTV premièred their new late night, hip-hop based talk show, Hip Hop POV.

Among the guests to appear on the introductory episode was our guy Lil Wayne. And on the show, Weezy admitted something very interesting. Wayne revealed that he was recording an album’s worth of love songs called Devol (AKA love backwards).

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However, ladies, don’t think this album is going to be 12 lovey-dovey songs. This is Wayne’s interpretation of love.

The rapper said:

“This is my version of love songs. And what I mean by my version of love songs is meaning they’re not saying I love you. They’re probably saying…you know.” 

Apparently, Wayne wrote the songs back in 2010, while he was serving his eight-month bid on Riker’s Island.

We’re sure Wayne’s fiancé Dhea will love the album. 

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