Q-Tip Shares How Adam Yauch Showed Him The Hip-Hop Ropes (DETAILS)

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    The loss of Adam Yauch has been a tragic one for the entire hip-hop community, as well as for music lovers across all genres. 

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    The Beastie Boys were the face of hip-hop for over 20 years, and they certainly paved the way for some of our favorite legends to do what they do best.

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    Adam’s (MCA) death sparked reactions from many of hip-hop’s biggest names including rapper Q-Tip, who shared the impact MCA had on the group A Tribe Called Quest.

    He responds:

    “MCA was a great artist, visionary and a selfless humanitarian. He and his bandmates were especially kind to me and we became good friends. They took Tribe out on tour a couple of times and showed us the ropes. We spent a lot of time together and I learned a great deal from him and the boys. Our roots are intertwined in many ways. I can’t put into words how crushed I am. My condolences go out to his family. He will be greatly missed.”

    We will all pray for Adam Yauch’s family, and hope they can recover soon from this tragic loss.

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