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A creative spirit has come alive in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin killing, as artists and painters alike have focused their energy into producing brilliant pieces of work dedicated to the slain teen. 

STORY: Now That’s Dope! Shepard Fairey Paints Trayvon Martin

A creative revolution has emerged, born out of the countless rally cries, marches and town hall meetings that have been front-page news in the weeks after Trayvon was killed.

Harnessing their energies and transforming it into amazing pieces of art, whether it be through music or writing, these artists are continuing a revolutionary tradition. Artistic expression has always been an intrinsic part of America’s DNA since the union was formed.

For example, renowned artist Shepard Fairey recently painted a beautiful portrait of Trayvon in an effort to do his part in the fight for justice. Now, other artists have put their imprint on Trayvon murals and portraits.

Show some love to these hard working creative thinkers who are letting their voices be heard through their chosen means of self-expression. 

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