WTH?! Paul Ryan’s Ex Did Time For Wire Fraud (DETAILS)

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Deneeta D. Pope made headlines when she came forward as Paul Ryan’s girlfriend in college but now it has been discovered that the politician’s ex has criminal past.

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Pope was indicted by a Grand Jury in November of 1999 for allegedly swindling $77,000 from her former employer Ernst & Young

TMZ reports:

Pope pled guilty in 2001 to stealing a lesser amount, but admitted she inflated expense reports, fabricated receipts and turned in phony invoices. She then used a wire transfer to move the money from a bank in Delaware to a different account in Chicago.

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Deneeta created the scam by claiming she attended an educational course for work that it turns out never existed. She served 5 months in Federal prison.

However Pope reportedly dated Paul Ryan 10 years before she was indicted. The two met at Miami University in Ohio, in the early 90’s.


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