Green Day Has F Bomb Meltdown At iHeartRadio Show! (VIDEO)

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    Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green Day, showed out during his 1-minute set at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas!

    The famous singer felt he was wronged when producers of the show cut his band’s performing time down to 1 minute, and proceeded to curse them out.. on stage.

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    Amongst a lot of other profanity he even mentions Justin Biebe, yelling:

    “You’re going to give me one minute?  One f***ing minute? I’ve been around since f***king 198 f***ing 8 and you’re going to give me one f***ing minute? I’m not f***ing Justin Bieber, you motherf***ers.”

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    Then right before the rockstar smashed his guitar (of course that was coming next), he declared:

    “We’ll be back.”

    It was pretty obvious that the more mainstream acts were being given more time… and 1 minute might actually be a bit unreasonable.

    But gosh Billie, did you have to curse out The Biebz too?!

    SOURCE: RadarOnline || Mandatory Photo Credit: WENN

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