Shontelle Is Back! “Impossible” Singer Launches A Shoe Line & Talks Rihanna Comparisons (PHOTOS)

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    Back in 2010, Bajan born beauty Shontelle was shouting her songs of heartbreak from the roof tops and writing on the skyline on the smash hit “Impossible,” which earned her over 50 million YouTube views. 

    Known for her ballads of heartbreak and breakups, the singer has recently switched lanes, designed some shoes, and is planning a full-force return to conquer both the music and fashion realms. 

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    While giving her chords a rest from the spotlight, Shontelle inked a collaboration with Cat Footwear for a capsule collection of boots. The teamwork began more than two years ago, when she was selected to be an ambassador for the brand’s Earth Movers campaign. After the success of that venture, Cat Footwear proposed the idea of doing a capsule collection that was officially launched this fall. 

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    GlobalGrind had the opportunity to catch up with the singer to talk about everything from the inspiration behind her new line, to how she feels about being compared to Rihanna.

    GlobalGrind: Can you explain how each of the 4 styles of boots from the line epitomizes the essence of your home country?

    Shontelle: The colorways of each boot are inspired by the ocean and the flora and fauna of Barbados. The name of each boot is a place in Barbados of significance to me. The trident (which is featured on the tongues and inner lining of each boot) represents my heritage. It is actually a broken trident (the staff is short because it has been broken). It is prominent on our flag and is our national symbol of independence. I apply that to my life. I feel as though I have had to embrace and conquer the seemingly impossible and find my own independence. This collaboration is an expression of that desire and of all my hopes and dreams.  

    What boot from your line would you choose to wear in nothing but his T-shirt?

    They’re all sexy with nothing but a t-shirt on! But definitely the Xtreme in Shontelle Blue. I designed that boot specifically to my taste, so that fans and fashionistas can feel what it’s like to literally “walk in my boots.” So if I were to be waiting around for him in nothing but his t-shirt, it would be those sexy kittens. He loves my legs in heels ;).

    We’re sure you get a lot of comparisons to fellow Bajan Rihanna, how do you take these on? 

    Though it doesn’t phase or bother me per se, I don’t really think that anyone really enjoys constantly being compared to others. Every human being, while wanting to be accepted by others, still wants to feel some sense of individuality. It is that human desire that makes us eventually rebel against our parents and even sometimes society. But that is the nature of being in the public. We compare every and any thing we have interest in: Brands, schools, restaurants, hospitals, doctors, politicians, hair stylists, houses, and even each other.

    Every artist or anyone who becomes a public figure will have to endure some sort of comparison. You can’t escape it. The only thing you can do is continue to be yourself, because eventually that is what people will see. No two people are alike.

    So that is what I do every day of my life. There is a positive spin to everything. They way I see it is, it’s a blessing to even be in a place in life to be compared to the biggest pop star in the world. That’s actually quite flattering when you think of it.

    Everyday I thank God for my blessings and I ask Him to keep me on the right path. And I listen to Him. So I know I will be able to stand up to any challenge I encounter. He wouldn’t put me here if I wasn’t meant to be.

    What can fans of the music expect to hear for your next album? What further design collaborations can they look forward to seeing from you? 

    Music fans can definitely expect growth and evolution with the new album. Album three will be very raw and personal. There are also some very incredible collaborations. My fans demand it, so they’re gonna get it. They want more fun and less tears. So let’s get bubbly! But you know you shouldn’t try to fix something that’s not broken and you can’t leave your core base behind, so you can still expect those classic Shontelle power ballad-tear jerkers as usual. 

    Be sure to check out all the boots from Shontelle’s line here. 

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