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We live in a new America. 

An America where a presidential candidate can win 61 percent of the white vote and still LOSE the election. We live in an ever-changing world where the country song for Video of the Year is a guy rapping about red cups. 

Kool Herc would be proud. 

Cultures have merged, blurred and blended into a multiracial society, which embodies everything that is Barack Hussein Obama. I woke up this morning proud to have a two-term Black President who is half white, in a country where slavery was once the backbone of this nation.

In a country that used to mock blacks in the minstrel show, where they lampooned us as dim-witted buffoons. This is a country where conspiracies tell us that drugs and alcohol were planted in our neighborhoods to break up families and keep the black race down. As I basked in the reality of today, I thought of the beautiful line during Barack’s speech last night, when he said, “Michelle, I’ve never loved you more … I’ve never been prouder than to watch our country fall in love with you.”

Michelle Obama’s stock went up. But I digress.

Later this morning, I saw a video for Lil Debbie and Rif Raf’s song “Michelle Obama” and I couldn’t help but click play.

Allow me to backtrack a bit. I feel like you all must know that I’ve drooled over numerous Lil Debbie pictures, thinking she could be that petite white girl to birth my future Barack Obamas – even though I’ve never listened to one of her songs before. I wasn’t expecting much, I just wanted to see what this was all about. Forty seconds in I thought, if I didn’t know any better, that this might be the new minstrel show minus the onyx-colored face paint.

But then when I stopped bobbing my head, I realized I wasn’t mad. I felt like I should be, but I wasn’t. 

This is the result of the influence that hip-hop has had on America. The same reason Lil Debbie and Rif Raf are about that trap life is the same reason why the investment banker voted for Barack Obama. It’s the same reason why the soccer mom loves Beyonce and the epitome of why it was totally acceptable for Jay-Z to perform at a rally for the President. 

If we don’t like Lil Debbie’s antics or her referring to Michelle Obama as the color of her tint – trust me, it was hard to write that – we must hold ourselves to a higher standard as Americans. 

Black, White, Asian, Blue, Green or whatever. Americans as a whole must do better or accept what we produce. 

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