Hmmm…10 Jobs Money Mitt Would Be Perfect For! (LIST)

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Just a few days ago, Mitt Romney was traveling the country, declaring what he would do as president to restore the economy and solve the national unemployment rate. However on Tuesday, his dreams to become the country’s next Commander-in-Chief were crushed, as Barack Obama won six out of seven swing states and was officially reinstated as the POTUS.

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It was a hard loss for Romney and his campaign team. It took him an hour to digest the reality of defeat and face the American people that rejected his plea to serve in our land’s highest office. 

After spending years and millions of dollars in his campaign, the question remains: what will Mitt Romney do now?
His wife Ann made it clear last month on The View that this was the last and final time her husband would campaign for the White House. Well, just in case the multi-millionaire is a little stumped about his next move, we came up with a few creative suggestions that can help him out!  

1.  Start A Granddaddy Day Care

Now that’s Mitt campaign is over, he’ll probably spend a lot more time with his family and his soon-to-be 19 grandchildren. But instead of just letting his five sons off the hook when he’s stuck babysitting, he could easily flip his grandfather duties into a profitable business venture.   

2. Become The Leader Of The 1%

Romney could spearhead a movement to combat the “99 Percent” and supporters of Occupy Wall Street called “Be Easy On Wall Street.” This would allow him to continue to advance his agenda to preserve wealth and power among the wealthy elite and push his ideals of less regulation and taxation for his fellow 1 Percenters.

3. Retire As A Rich Old Man

Money Mitt has been independently wealthy for years and is estimated to be worth $250 million. While most people can only fantasize about living out the rest of their days on a yacht in the Caribbean with no worries, that can easily become a feasible reality for the 65-year-old millionaire, so why not YOLO!

4. Become A Cable News Contributor

When former RNC Chair Michael Steele stepped down from his platform in the GOP, he used his over-the-top personality in another venue, since he already seemed made for TV. Steele became a contributor for the Left leaning cable news network MSNBC where viewers can enjoy watching him debate with liberal commentators.  Likewise, after Elliot Spitzer’s career came tumbling down from a prostitution ring scandal, he rebounded with a short-lived TV show on CNN. In turn, Romney could use both Steele and Spitzer as models to launch his own career in TV politics.

5. Write A Book

Mitt Romney proved to be a really bad politician. Though some elected officials have a bad rap for manipulating the facts and pushing a personal agenda, Mitt Romney is known for blatantly lying to win over certain constituencies and flip-flopping on a number of major issues. He could transcend all the mistakes he made as a candidate into a book entitled, How To Not Run Your Campaign To Ruins.

6.  Create The Romney Gaffe Bear

Romney will forever be known for his countless gaffes and misspeaks. However, he could also turn this into a profitable toy just in time for the holidays. Every time you press the Romney Bear, he spits out one of his infamous gaffes including his $10,000 bet, his Big Bird blunder and of course, his “binders full of women” line.

7. Become A YouTube Sensation       

Many stars have utilized homemade YouTube videos to propel them into stardom. Romney could use YouTube to build his popularity and ditch the bad rap he developed as an out-of-touch wealthy millionaire. His first hit could be a rap video spoof of himself and his political career based on his flip-flops called, “Yeah, I Got Romensia.” Not only would he show that he has a good sense of humor about his failed campaign, but he could win over the demographics that he failed to reach, including women, Latinos and the LGBT community.

8. Drop A Mixtape

Speaking of rap videos, he can go all out and drop a mixtape. His first single should be with his fellow pro-life, crazy-rape-talking pals who are also unemployed –Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. For starters, they can try to redeem themselves with women by remaking Yeezy’s “Clique” into a single “Ladies, We No Longer Want To Control Your Clit.”

9.  Go back into business

OK, we realized that number 8 may be a tad bit extreme, so to be more realistic, we suggest that Romney goes back into the private sector as a business consultant.

10. Become A Philanthropist

And last, but not least, if all else fails, Money Mitt can put the money he has stacked up in the Cayman Islands to good use through philanthropy and giving back.

Let us know which of the 10 career moves you think Romney should pursue next in the comment box below!

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