What The…?! Secret Service Arrests Man Who Says He Would “B—h Slap” Obama! (PHOTOS)

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    People just don’t seem to understand that making a threat on the POTUS’ life is a serious crime!

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    Earlier this month, a man from Florida was arrested after posting threatening comments about President Obama on his Facebook page. On November 1, 28-year-old Christopher Castillo wrote that he was going “to hunt” Obama down and “kill him.”

    That’s the last straw, if he gets re-elected I’m going to hunt him down and kill him watch the life disappear from his eyes.

    A week later, the Secret Service questioned his motives on November 8. According to the felony complaint report filed by the Secret Service, an agent asked Castillo how he would respond “if the President was standing here right now?” Without hesitation or regard, Castillo told the him that he would “b—h slap him, and beat the s–t out of him.” He also added that he would “scream and yell at him and tell him he was a terrorist.” 

    Florida Today reports that the man’s father defended his son and downplayed his anrgy words, stating: 

    “A lot of people say things on Facebook that they don’t mean, and I understand the Secret Service has to do what they have to do, it’s their job. I would imagine they would find some people out there that really are loose cannons. Christopher is not one of them.”

    People need to learn that it’s one thing to state your disapproval of a political leader or express your own political views, but making public threats about the president is a different sort of discontent!

    SOURCE: The Smoking Gun | Florida Today

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