Rihanna Takes Off To See Her Lover, While Breezy Is With His Mama (PHOTOS)

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    Rihanna is looking for a little bit more than some rest and relaxation after her “777″ Tour. The infamous tour found the singer traveling around the world in a whirlwind 7 days with a packed plane full of journalists. And after all the hype and hullaballoo, it seems like Rihanna wants some… Some of her lover.

    DETAILS: Rihanna Issues Apology To Journalist and Fans After 777 Tour

    After a tour that left the Unapologetic singer uncharacteristically apologetic, she posted a picture of herself on a private jet all alone with a special little message:

    All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover

    While her lover may or may not be Chris Brown, the “Carpe Diem” crooner is currently cuddled up in Germany with his mother. He posted a picture of himself and Mama Breezy for the world to see. So we’ll just have to find out where exactly Rihanna is headed…

    PHOTOS: Rihanna Goes Tomboy Chic At 777 Tour Red Carpet

    So who do you think Rihanna’s little message is for, Chris Brown – or someone else? 

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