Back On The Campaign Trail! Obama Rallies Public Support For Plan To Stop The Fiscal Cliff (DETAILS)

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    Just weeks after President Obama was re-elected for a second term, he’s back on the campaign trail, this time to advocate public support for his strategy to prevent the fiscal cliff.

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    If Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on a deal to cut the deficit before the Bush tax cuts expire, then taxes will go up for everyone – including the Middle Class. To reduce the deficit, Obama wants to increase taxes for the richest two percent of the country – families who earn $250,000 or more. He also wants to extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone who earns less than $250,000 a year. 

    On the contrary, Republicans are pushing for a plan to earn government revenue by getting rid of tax loopholes and cutting entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. White House officials have not ruled out making cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, but oppose altering Social Security.

    In order to spread the word, Obama will spend the week making his case to the public through a series of events. He will meet with small-business owners at the White House on Tuesday and with middle-class families on Wednesday. In addition, on Friday he will tour a small business in Pennsylvania. 

    Obama was very successful in energizing his base and winning over Independent Americans in both of his presidential campaigns, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to sway the public to support his plan to tax the wealthy either!

    SOURCE: Huffington Post

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